You’re a 2000’s Kid If You Remember All This

Do your 2000’s kid checklist right here! 

Telefun Ad

We are sure you all still remember the famous ‘090078601, telefun telefun’, as you used to rush to your TV screens upon listening to this Ad.

 Disney Barney’s and The Little Einsteins

Barney’s was one show that everyone has watched no matter where they are from.

 Pokemon cards

You were considered the coolest if you had those Pokemon cards which used to bring out your inner Ash Ketchum.

 Justin Bieber

Who can forget Justin Bieber’s debut song ‘Baby’ which instantly became the number one hit song of the decade and the reason for your childhood crush.

 Trolley Bags

Super cool were the kids who used to have those very cute trolley bags and everyone used to cry in front of their parents for not having one.

 Funky Slap Bracelets

Just the little things that used to make you happy back in the day, do you remember slapping these bracelets on your wrist?

 Ben10 Watch

Another cool thing which used to give immense pleasure to show off among your friends.

 Marker Bags

All the 2000’s OG kids used to have them and used considered themselves as little artists.

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