You Know You’re a 90’s Kid When..

Peak 90's Nostalgia is ongoing, and we are here for it!

Peak 90’s Nostalgia is ongoing, and we are here for it!

.   1. You still prefer the animated Lion King. And cry over Mufasa’s death. Sob!

    2. You’ve still kept some of your old DVD’s and ::gasp:: VHS tapes…because, why not?!


  1. You sneak a piece of your kid’s playdough and give yourself ‘those talons.’ (And then proceed to play with them!)

  1. Ice-cream still conjures up images of Igloo and Polka. Ah, the good ol’ days…


  1. You know what ‘thaili wali drink’ means. Yes, it was a thing!


  1. You look at a picture of the Hanson boys as adults and go, ‘whaaaaa?!’ (After you do the mandatory, ‘mmm-bop’ of course!)


  1. Pakola is still your all star drink! Bonus points if you remember the jingle, ‘hara hara Pakola…ice-cream soda!’


  1. You can’t help but sing along to the theme tunes of shows like Friends or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

“…or even your yeeeeeaaarr”

“‘…how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air”


  1. You remember what Devil’s Point’ was. The memories!


  1. Going to Pizza Hut or Copper Kettle was an EVENT! You dressed up and everything!


  1. You remember what a Slam Book is! (And the hours spent on it!)


  1. ’10 years ago’ STILL means the 80’s and not the 2010’s! Weren’t we just rocking out to Top of the Pops and watching Alf?!


  1. You’re still trying to figure out the bit after ‘Ni heeray, ni heeray’ in Junoon’s song and just end up going, ‘chicki bak di chici na nooo…”


  1. And on the same gravy train, you also obsess over what the Spice Girls meant when they sang, ‘zig a zig aaaahhh.’


  1. Your heart still goes on and you curse Rose for not letting Jack on to the damn door!


  1. The name ‘Nickleodeon’ still means something to you. Nick forevaaa!


  1. You simply can’t say the phrase ‘Can’t touch this’ in ANY context, without breaking into MC Hammer’s hit tune. (And sometimes, dance. Don’t judge.)


  1. You look at MTV now and wonder, ‘where did the actual music videos go?!’


  1. You’re still Team Brenda or Team Kelly. (P.S. Team Brenda, all the way!)


  1. You’ve still got THAT pair of jeans in stashed away in your wardrobe somewhere. You know the one…


  1. You still stop and watch 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That any time they re-run on telly. Ah, the feels!


  1. You get nostalgic just thinking about the hours spent on Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Sonic and Super Mario Bros…Where did the time go?!