You Know It’s Ramadan When You See Amir Liaquat On TV

Fatima Humayun breaks down the ALH phenomena.

There’s no way it’s Ramadan and you don’t get to see the daily buffoonic acts of Amir Liaquat via his hosting in Ramadan transmissions. His name has almost become synonymous with Ramadan transmissions.

Every year with the moon sighting of this holy month, we prepare ourselves for the not-so-holy Mr. Amir Liaquat. This year too like any other he has been seen changing channels faster than the speed of light but for one purpose alone to give us informational (read:’fun’) content. This year with his phenomenal skills he has not disappointed his fans and given us some amazing content, at least for the memes.

So the question arises here that why is our audience obsessed with such kind of ‘quality’ content and let alone obsessed with Amir Liaquat even after witnessing his awful Naagin dance?

Here’s why. Ramadan transmissions have now become a huge part of our lives No matter how hard we try avoiding, watching post iftar Ramadan transmissions has become routine.

The reason he bags all those Ramadan transmissions is because people love watching him, he’s like the guilty pleasures of hosts which we know won’t do us any good but we can’t stop watching him do what he does best- to make a fool out of himself.

Another reason is his massive fan base. There was a time when he used to be the most popular host in Pakistan and that aura will not go so easily. His stupid stunts are what make him go viral.

And at this point I am quite convinced that anything senseless can go viral in Pakistan!

Here are some of the funniest memes from his latest course of actions.

You’re not the only one who’s shocked
This is something we are still figuring out

After almost trending on Twitter for a couple of days, he Tweeted something which kinda backfired him

I mean, the audacity!
Amir Liaquat: Jee Bilkul
Only when you’re prepping for the Olympics
Please yaar!