SARA If you left your career for the sake of fulfilling husband mandated ‘bringing up the kids’ and were made to sit at home wasting away your potential, you can rightly put yourself into Sara’s category. If you can happen to make a stunning comeback like her too, then you are even more Sara-like than you thought. ‘Managing’ a cunning husband and a bossy MIL, all the while excelling in some sleuthing and being a mother-figure to her faithful tribe are yet more reasons why a Sara may live inside you. Now and again she may be hesitant of her worth but she comes through in the end. If you relate, you are a SARA for sure.

JUGNU If you’re someone with a not-give-a-f#@k attitude, then you are definitely a Jugnu. If people’s stupidity compels you to use language that might put a sailor to shame, you have a shining Jugnu in you. She doesn’t let society’s stigmas bother her too much because she knows her life is hers to live. That isn’t to say she doesn’t care or isn’t good at what she does. She cares deeply for people she considers worth her time and is very good at getting things done which perhaps anyone else might struggle with. She even cares enough to sometimes acknowledge and change aspects of herself that may be harmful. If you think you have the above mentioned traits, you have passed the Jugnu-dom.

BATOOL if you happen to have that simmering rage within you, or, as others may refer to it, all the ‘elements’ of a killer, either by your eyes or your monosyllabic grunts – you most resemble Batool. She is ready to take choices that may have critical outcomes but she remains by her choices, regardless of whether it implies getting slapped or terminated (from her work). But she does this because of her innate loyalty and empathy. She wants the job done and sometimes only she can do it. She’ll ask for help, only begrudgingly, when she knows there isn’t another option. She is your quintissential ride-or-die. If you can relate to all of this you are unquestionably the uniqueness that is Batool.

ZUBAIDA If you believe in breaking stereotypes and following your dreams, you are a Zubaida. The fulfillment of her dreams is of utmost importance to her and she would never let anyone stop her from doing what she loves. If you are daring, and act before you think, you are probably a Zubaida too. Add to this, if you’re willing to do absolutely anything to help the people or cause you believe in, and continue to love your toxic family but still have the better sense to be done with them, nevertheless – you are most definitely a fearless Zubaida.