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FYI recommends the best Pakistani dramas to watch out for this season

FYI recommends the best Pakistani dramas to watch out for this season.


Meharposh the recently begun drama serial on Geo Entertainment is the second coming of real life couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor. Written by ‘Ramz e Ishq’ renowned writer Misbah Nousheen, the story appears to be a straightforward if somewhat uneven romantic tale of Shah Jahan who meets a simple young woman Mehru who doesn’t know about Shah Jahan’s affections for her. Story seems trite for now but the lead pair has chemistry so we will keep watching.


The drama reflects on the true colors of our society of how girls with potential and talent are made to sit at homes just in the name of “protection from the deranged society”. The main character Mushk played by Yumna Zaidi has been carrying on with a protected life under the standards made by her dad, until she meets Sahiba.  Sahiba is the unmistakable inverse of Mushk. Desire mists over their companionship as Sahiba ruins Mushk’s relationship with her recently discovered love Irtiza. Major drama, no pun intended, ensues! Watch for Yumna, she’s very good.


Its OST includes a line “ Zindagi Ajnabi Hai”. This is what the drama actually dictates. Nobody knows what life throws at us at any moment.  There’s no certainty about one’s fate and as the time passes people change. Portrayal of elite and middle class discrimination is not new for Pakistani dramas but this  serial unlike others shows how a young girl played by Mawra from a struggling background amidst all social norms breaks stereotypes and stands out before everyone. It’s a bit too saccharine black and white at times, but we are holding out hope for more.


Kashf the recently begun Hum TV show  is a secretive tale of a soothsayer, a young lady Kashf who is honored with the capacity to anticipate future occasions occurring in her life through her nightmares. Kashf has Hira Mani and Junaid Khan in the main leads. Directed by Danish Nawaz, the serial has definitely had a promising beginning.


This one shows the murky side of society – how people marry off their daughters in exchange for money. Alizey Shah as Mairah is a young girl whose  parents get her wedded to Yasir Nawaz as Zafar who is a much older man, wealthy and arrogant man. Noman Sami as Shameer adores Mairah yet isn’t monetarily sufficiently able to win Mairah’s hand. It’s all very dukhyaari larki syndrome but has potential to become interesting.


It began on a light hearted note – uplifting, and the chemistry between the leads Yamna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan is cracking. There’s also an ominous element, shown as a darker character of a vicious step dad who beats up his kid making him lack confidence in his entire adolescence and adulthood. Interestingly the serial is building up both Yamna’s and Bilal’s story into something significant as opposed to the run of the mill “all consuming love stories”


Love makes you go beyond limits to end up with the person you want and sometimes this is where it gets messy. Feroze Khan plays the character of an undergraduate who has passionate feelings for Hamna (Ramsha Khan). And how the story is unfurling Hania Amir( romi) is exciting. How angry, obsessive lovers go to any length to fulfill their desires. Been there, done that? Sure, but the pace of the drama keeps things taut and exciting.


As the name proposes, it revolves around the deception of individuals who don’t remain by their words and make bogus vows and ruin different people’s lives in the process.  An intriguing start, this isn’t your regular Pakistani soap. The characterization appears a little more nuanced than normal.  


The favorite celebrity couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajjal Aly’s ongoing drama is a firm favourite. The serial unfolds a girl Noor ul Ain whose trauma is not really established in ailment as much as in a youth injury that she remembers in her nightmares. Her excessively defensive dad is in denial and fails to recognize that his girl has experienced something besides her mom’s death. Just like Amaan (Ahad), the mysterious male protaginist,  there is much more to Mir Farukh Zaman than meets the eye as well. The drama has edge. Worth catching up on if you are late to the party.


Zeeshan is a vulnerable man who loses everything – kicked out of his business and out of his home, all because of a man who got his dad to sign an inappropriate report. Despite the fact that scenes like these have gotten very commonplace, its Imran Ashraf who is depicting Zeeshan here that draws you in.