Three Cheers for GROOVE MERA PSL6 Anthem!

It wouldn’t be a PSL anthem without some kind of controversy attached to it. This time it’s about the inclusion of Naseebo Lal and whether she’s ‘appropriate’ for the song or not and about the ‘Punjabi’ in the song. And worst yet, a bizarre online campaign from a certain artist’s fan base about how the anthem should have been by the said artist instead.

Cue massive eye roll right about now.  

Here are the facts first. Naseebo Lal is a national treasure. There’s absolutely nothing inorganic about her inclusion in an anthem that is supposed to be awami. Furthermore, about 90% of the song is in Urdu. Befitting again for a qoumi league anthem. Finally, as great as the said artists songs for PSL in earlier seasons were, there is nothing wrong with giving other artists a chance as well. There’s no written or unwritten rule that only one artist has the right to keep singing the PSL anthem over and over. 

Now. That that is out of the way. Let’s talk about why we are stanning the song. Hard.

It was about time that PSL produced a female led anthem! This gives a progressive message to the entire country. The song is a mix of folk, urban pop and hip hop representing different flavors catering to every part of our country. A legend like Naseebo Lal who is the epitome of the masses with her strong voice, then Aima Baig’s pop with her melodious voice and Young Stunner’s rap touch to it really spoke to the youth. The perfect blend of awami and burger, if you will.

Created by Xulfi and Adnan Dhool, ‘Groove Mera’ is fun and catchy, and silly and irreverent – everything an anthem of this kind should be! The video is also vibrant, energetic and loud. The perfect stadium vibe in the song and the visuals.

It’s definitely not the regular anthems we have gotten so far but rather it’s a fun take on the contemporary with a bit of the old 90’s mix in there as well. Which is exactly what cricket and especially PSL is about, where people from every age group enjoys it to its fullest. Even the lyrics, with catchy hooks like, ‘Aaj wekhay ga crowd mera groove TV te” and ‘I am ready te I am sure oye‘ are on everyone’s lips these days.

The video has already hit more than 5 million views on YouTube, and we are here for it! Bring on PSL 6.

Written by Fatima Humayun with additional input by Batool Mehdi

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