The Lahore Chronicles

Syed Ali Shujah Jafri was born and brought up in the Salt Range town of Khewra. An engineer by profession with a passion for the outdoors, Ali also happens to be an avid traveler. He discovered he had a knack for photography when he headed out for his first base camp trip up north a few years ago. Having spent most of his life in Islamabad, he moved to Lahore in 2015 and for him, it was love at first sight, with the architecture and history that this gorgeous city encapsulates. Here, he shares some of his best work from around Lahore.

I have always believed every element of a picture has a story to tell, just waiting to be heard. The amazing part is, it actually depends upon the onlooker of what and how the story will evolve. For me, the very essence of photography is built upon the concept of interpreting what each element of the picture is trying to narrate. Often it is not just about pointing and clicking at a specific frame, but about being one with the environment and lending an ear to the conversations being held in silence in an otherwise noisy foreground.

It is beautiful how bricks and mortar start to speak to you, when you walk in to a street in an older part of the city. The worn tiles in paved streets tell of how and by whom they have had the privilege of being stepped upon by. The balconies overlooking streets, narrate stories of how a lover anxiously waited on them for a glimpse of their beloved.

The sprinkle of the magic dust in the golden hour, the birds fluttering around the minarets and domes, bring to life all those characters from stories and history chapters that we once read.

Most of my pictures I believe, are canvases not for me, but for each element in them being given a chance to tell their own story.

Syed Ali Shujah Jafri


Picture captions

1- The Golden Hour – Wazir Khan Mosque

2- The Bustle of Walled City – Delhi Gate

3- The Wall Art- Shahi Hammam

4- An Aerial View of Huzoori Bagh – Lahore Fort

5- The Arch illusion – Tomb of Jehan

6- The Quiet Corner – Cooco’s Den, Food Street

7- An Aerial View of the Walled City – Wazir Khan Mosque

8- Badshahi Mosque