Pakistani Celebrites making Headlines

Celebrities make news wherever they go and that now makes the meme game really strong. We look at some of the ‘juicier’ headlines of late. 
None of us have missed the recent Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy- Sonya Hussyn’s collision

In an interview, Sonya Hussayn voiced her opinion on Mahira Khan’s choice of acting in Raees and Verna. The female actor supposedly said that if she were Mahira Khan she would not have chosen to act in Raees with Shahrukh khan  as it was a side character and then said her choice for doing Verna was something she would have done too. Little did she know what was to follow.

There goes female solidarity, Ms. Chinoy. 

Well, Sonya replied to the backlash and here it is:

We aren’t taking sides here but really, why can’t one voice their opinion.

To this Mr. Feroze Khan didn’t take time to jump into a controversy.

Well, Sonya did just mention God and wrapped it up. Well who was ready mentioning Sharmeen’s past to ‘fire it up’ further.

Talking about other celebrities in the very recent past, Hania Amir and Asim Azhar social media war


Love her or hate her. You can’t ignore her. 

While talking about the time supposedly they were together.

As Zaid Ali T, the well known vlogger, talks about marriages, we say just celebrity couples make this seem like a test match too.

Later this post was deleted by the vlogger himself, but people are savage they don’t wait to make anything BIG.

Ushna Shah on the garbage in Hunza, and Minal Khan engagement – this is what made news!



Recently, we saw the photographer/vlogger Rosie Gabrielle, who loves the north of Pakistan making news with Ushna Shah commenting on her statement on garbage in Hunza.

Ushna Shah is really angry Ms. Gabrielle, showing some strong patriotic action in her comment on Rosie Gabrielle’s picture/ photo for “keeping the north pure”. We are not liking outsiders settling in so much. She states that we don’t need any ‘fixing’ from her.

And finally, Usman Mukhtar’s hidden powers

While actors keep making news by getting together, engaged, in a relationship or getting married at the speed of light, we cannot forget Usman Mukhtar’s comment when having worked with Naimal Khawar and Sarah Khan who are both married and Naimal, a mother now and Sarah Khan to become one very soon, some celebrities just feel they are lucky for their co-stars and jinxed themselves.

Good luck stars, we keep looking forward to great work and you all finding your love matches! Till then keep making news!