Life in the Time of CORONA

FYI tells you how to stay sane in these tough times!

While it may seem often these days that 2020 is the end of the world – let’s face it, it probably isn’t. The human race has survived far worse.

Now, that isn’t to say that the threat of Covid 19 isn’t a dire one. It is. To not take it seriously in fact, is not just putting oneself at risk but others around us too.

The key is to be smart. Cautious. Aware. It’s high time we abide by the precautionary measures and make relevant changes in our lifestyle because that’s the only way we can tackle this situation.

Let’s look at the good news. If you’re young/healthy there’s a chance the virus may not affect you. But you do play a role. You could be a host and further transmit the virus. By showing ignorance or a ‘daredevil’ attitude right now, you’re adding to making the proverbial ‘curve’ even worse.


Social distancing, social distancing, social distancing! This is the first of the steps that one can do readily. Try and limit social interaction to groups of 10 people or under. That wedding you can’t go to, the party you have had to RSVP no to, the work meeting you have had to do from home – it’s ok! This is not the time to feel socially obligated to anyone!

Routine. Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times. Use it when you are out. The minute you return home, wash your hands! Don’t go say hi to family, don’t pet the dog, don’t have a glass of water. Make it routine to first wash your hands before anything else. And don’t forget, for 20 seconds! With soap. Otherwise there’s no point.

Although there is no concrete evidence but there’s no harm in trying to keep your immune system healthy. Include more fruits in your diet, use more bleach for home cleanliness and just generally, eat well!


We should prepare ourselves for the plight and as the SIndh Government has announced partial lockdown of the city, with public offices, restaurants, malls and inter-city transport to remain shut for 15 days. People will work from home, students will take online classes. Life doesn’t stop, does it? In these times we should find a way to make ourselves more productive at home. If your kids are home these days indulge them in indoor physical activities or board games rather than squandering the day on gadgets. If you’re alone or with your family, use this as an opportunity to watch all your favorite shows, re-runs, read, don’t let your boredom get the best of you. Couples can do the same, in-house activities, cook, and figure out plans on a daily basis, space would be very important too.  Gyms and parks are also closed because there’s a higher chance of germs infecting and spreading from there, so make a schedule where you divide your work, leisure time and exercise.


This cannot be stressed enough. If you experience any flu like symptoms don’t resort to panic, not everything is Corona. It’s very important you know the difference between a viral flu, cough, allergies and Corona. Pakistan already have very limited resources, the test kits are very pricey and the public hospitals who are running the test for free, let them be for people who are getting the symptoms. Stock on what you need and do not deprive others, especially those with young children or who are vulnerable in society.  Please don’t hoard and think about other humans.