Hum Style Awards Red Carpet Wins & Fails


Giti Ara in Fahad Hussayn did whimsical just right.

Kiran Malik rocked Ali Xeeshan’s ode to polka dots Sari.


Mira Sethi looked fierce and fabulous in Hussain Rehar. The only thing marring this look was the (from the bottom) ill fitting skirt.

 Iffat Omar looked effortlessly stylish.

Rubya Chaudary made this fun and flirty look, work. 

Zara Abid in Zaheer Abbas went with classic white. 

Ayesha Omar in Elan was just the right mix of elegant and edgy.

Hajra Khan completely owned her individualistic style.


Aamina Shaikh in this ill fitting and badly cut Shamsa Hashwani dress looked a pale version of her usual fierce self.

The travesty of a dress worn by Kubra Khan should be tried for crimes against fashion.

Shazia Naz’s dress looked something straight out of an 80’s flick. Nothing redeeming about this look.

Naveen Waqar wore what can only be described as half shaadi ka jora and half ghilaaf. 

The only way to describe Nadia Hussain’s choice of attire – tacky.

Hira Tareen in Shehla Chatoor. Why the bow? Why?! It’s monstrous.

Beenish Parvaiz has all the right attitude but unfortunately in one of the worst dresses of the night. Even the fab pose can’t save it.

Mansha Pasha in a really inexplicable choice. A badly cut, ill conceived, incoherent design. She can look so much better than this.

Zara Noor Abbas looked more ready for a prom than a red carpet. We loved the no fuss hair and makeup but this dress needs to be retired forever.