How to Know if you are CHURAIL

Do you have what it takes to be a churail? Let’s find out!

If you have unusual career desires

If you are a girl and you have dreamt of becoming something other than the narrow parameters of what  our society deems “correct” and if you still choose to persist it, then with sincere gratitude, you are a ‘churail’.

If you stand up against your bossy MIL

Women in Pakistan are trained not to speak a word in front of their in laws even if they are torturing the hell out of you. And if you do so, the round of ‘haw haye’, and ‘maabaapnetameeznahisikhayi’ aunties become never ending. If you show a spine? Yup, Churail.

If you are a sit at home qualified mommy who wants more

If you were someone with dreams and passion but were made to sit at home and raise kids, but somehow you gathered the courage to start pursuing your career again – you’re labeled as a failed mother. And also a churail of course, because ::gasp:: how dare a woman have ambitions? 

If you believe in breaking stereotypes

If you see a guy wearing pink, rather than gawking his attire you actually compliment him, you’ll be highly judged. If you’re a father letting his daughters be whoever they want, this society will question every step of your upbringing and won’t spare a single chance to name and shame you. God forbid, you let slip an occasional swear word, or do something considered only the ‘jageer’ of men folk, like lighting up a cigarette – Basically, anything remotely challenging society’s “loug kya kahen ge” syndrome? And you have qualified for churail-dom.

If you are a feminist

Pakistanis are obsessed with the word feminist, it is considered the dirtiest of the dirty words. Aap agar feminist hain, or you support feminist ideals, aap sab se barri churail hain.  

If you believe in the good fight against misogyny and patriarchy

The feeling of culpability in creating an environment where women don’t feel safe, is overwhelming. If you raise any kind of voice against this though? Churail kahin ki.

 Aaaand finally – if you know a good “offbeat” nihari recipe, you are definitely a churail 😉