Hot Chocolate in Karachi – Our TOP 3 Faves!

Winter is coming (pun intended) or do we say, it’s already here? Because clearly, it is chilly outside nowadays in Karachi, ‘tis the official season for hot chocolate! Therefore, team FYI decided to try some of the best hot chocolate drinks around. As dine-in has currently been banned due to the lockdown, you can order these at home or opt for a takeaway.

Psst! Some places have dine-out option available and they are following all SOPs, regardless. Now on to the reviews.


This place gets an extra +1 for presentation. The marshmallow topping and messy cup is quite Instagramable, we all drool over such pictures, don’t we? We tried their popular Devil’s Dark Hot Chocolate. It was a good consistency wise, not too thick or watery, just somewhere in between, but it was a bit sweet for our liking. When we talk about dark chocolate, the bitterness comes along, which wasn’t present, maybe the marshmallows killed the essence? They also have some variants available. The owner, Fauzia Siddiqui told us that they have even launched Lotus flavor in hot chocolate this year, isn’t that cool? So if you’re looking for different flavors of hot chocolate, then FLOC should be your ideal place to order or take away from.

Rating: 8/10

Price: Rs.550


Their hot chocolate was topped with toasted marshmallow fluff and chocolate shavings – what a true delight! The consistency was thick and heavy, it wasn’t too sweet either, and they added just the right amount of marshmallow fluff. It felt like we’re having a melted chocolate bar, yep it was as good as that. We would say, it’s the perfect cup of hot chocolate that you crave for at night, during the winter season. If you love thick hot chocolate as much as we do, then Binsgu should be your ideal place to order or takeaway from.

Rating: 9/10

Price: Rs.350


Their hot chocolate was simple and good. If you notice the presentation, they did not add marshmallow, like other places. They believe that marshmallow kills the essence of hot chocolate. Furthermore, they don’t add sugar in their hot chocolate; it’s basically just dark Belgium chocolate and milk. The consistency was watery, but if you want to enjoy hot chocolate without feeling guilty, they’ve got you covered because they also have a KETO variant, so you know what they means, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate without any guilt. Surprisingly, their hot chocolate had balanced amount of sweetness, also the bitter taste of dark chocolate was present and we loved that. So, if you’re looking for a simple guilt free hot chocolate, then Pesto should be your ideal place to order or take away from.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: Rs.475

Final Verdict

For us, all three hot chocolates were worth trying out in their own ways. Price and consistency wise, Bingsu is a clear winner. When we talk about guilt free option and simple hot chocolate, Pesto is a clear winner. And then, if we talk about the flavors of hot chocolate, FLOC is a clear winner. This sums it up. You can try any of these, according to your personal preference and liking.

Mini Awards Section ft Hot Chocolates

Best consistency: Bingsu

Best amount of balanced sweetness: Pesto

Best presentation: FLOC

Best price: Bingsu

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Here’s a video version of the review with a bonus (hint: you will get to see how these places make hot chocolate)

P.S: dine-in is still closed for every restaurant in Karachi and these pictures were taken before the lockdown.

Reviewed by Alina Maniar