FYI’s Top 6 Drama Picks

Wondering what to watch? Here are our Top Six Picks! 


Even if we wanted to, we can’t pick out anything negative to say about this drama right now. It has started off that strong. It’s like you are watching poetry in literal sense. The story is progressive and captivating even though the audience knows what to expect, but the pace at which it is unfurling is excellent.


This one boasts of an amazing storyline of doomed love with a stellar cast and great dialogues. Just by watching the first episode you’ll know the importance of each character and how they will proceed further in the story. Such scripts shed light on several harsh realities of our society, but in a wonderfully engaging way.  


The most stunning duo Shehryar Munawwar and Maya Ali are back together for the TV screen after a very long time for ‘Pehli Si Muhabbat’ which also happens to be the debut drama for designer HSY. So far, the drama has been a bit melodramatic but we are watching for the script and pace to pick up a little. It shows promise.


Ahsan Khan making a comeback for a lead role after a very long time  was enough for us to get hooked to this drama but this is not the only reason why Qayamat should be among the top dramas right now. The plot, cast, dialogue delivery everything makes this one a captivating watch. It’s a tough subject matter but much needed portrayal of the reality of domestic abuse.


The show boasts a quite a star cast and has so far proven to be an excellent blend of a drama that is both story-driven as well as character-driven show. The drams takes on several so called taboo topics like illegal exploitation, child abuse, and human trafficking  It’s a gripping story, with interesting visual treatment as well.


A tale of love and foreverness has yet again hit our TV screens. The drama, written by Zanjabeel Asim looks to have promise, and be a multi layered portrayal of past and present clashes of the heart and mind.

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