FYI’s Netflix Binge-Watch

Binge-watch your way through the lockdown!

Binge-watch your way through the lockdown!


A bunch of single people speed date amongst each other and get engaged…all the while never having even seen one another. What could go wrong, right? Quite a bit, apparently! There’s been a lot that has been said about this show and if you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for! Call it whatever you want – a social experiment, reality TV crack, or lightning in a bottle, the fact of the matter is, that this is addictive TV. Hedge your favourites early on to see which couples make it past their ‘pod-versations’ all the way through to an actual wedding.


If you have been one of those loving under a rock and haven’t seen Stranger Things, first of all, please explain yourself. A heady mix of 80’s nostalgia, a fantastically eerie premise with some wonderful humour and drama – Stranger Things isn’t just a genre niche. The show is absolutely worth checking out. The best part is the cracking chemistry between all the actors. You won’t want to stop until you have gotten through all three seasons.


If docu-dramas are your jam, then this is right up your alley. Tracing the last decade or so of this explosive slice of history of the Romanov family, the show is shot and acted wonderfully. The snippets from actual historians make the intrigues even more interesting.


If you are looking to remain on the edge of your seat…or couch! This is the show for you. A crime thriller full of action and suspense. Top criminals from around the globe are gathered and trained to carry out the impossible heist throughout the history. Sounds easy. Not.


You wouldn’t think an animated series could have this much emotional resonance, but it does. Or that what appears initially to be “just a comedy” is actually one of the most gut wrenching commentaries on depression and mental health. There’s bits of one’s life that this show captures and there you are thinking, “wow, this show gets me!” It is also incredibly witty and often laugh out loud funny. Go. Have the Bojack experience.


If you love food shows, this is exactly the right fit for you. But even if you don’t necessarily gravitate towards food based shows, Ugly Delicious is worth your time. Chef David Chang takes the viewers through the emotional length and breadth of everything food – from its origins, to evolutions and fusions, the inner workings of chef’s minds and their family life. It really is all about what food means to us. So much more than just a meal.


Get your superhero fix right here! With the lack of Marvel content on Netflix now, The Umbrella Academy fills that gap quite splendidly. The latest season has been the strongest so far.


If you’re more a DC fanboy or fangirl, then these are definitely worth checking out.  These shows, for the most part, do their character’s rich histories justice. There’s some terrific action, drama, humour and romance. We recommend going in order – start with Arrow, pick up The Flash during it and then start Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow accordingly. So chances are, you will be watching them all concurrently, which sounds trippy, but trust us, you won’t regret it.


This is a bit of a controversial pick, because we don’t want to advocate the romantification of such stalker behaviour. Let’s get this straight. The lead character is a certifiable nutjob. No ladies, this is not swoonworthy behaviour. Having said that, it is undeniable that the story is gripping and extremely well acted. The initial two seasons are accessible now, and You season 3 up for  a 2021 release date.


Peaky Blinders follows the Shelby family, in post-war Birmingham (UK) and is your quintissential period drama to binge watch. Action, drama, wit – and did we mention it stars a fantastic cast, led by Cillian Murphy?


The show has an amazing way of capturing American politics and international relations, but there’s something universally relatable as well, about the dirty, murky waters it portrays. If you can get past the first, not too well paced episodes, then stick through.


More addictive than meth itself (we can only assume!), Breaking Bad is a splendid marathon watch. Its twists and turns can be terrific and the dark humour is captivating. 


The Twilight Zone for this generation. Every episode is more insane than the other, but in the most deliciously creepy way. The thing that grabs you the most though, is that so much of it seems just that, one step away from actual reality. With the way technology is going, we could be living our own Back Mirror sooner than we know it.


Orange Is The New Black has wrapped its seven-season run, and it’s a brilliant story of life in a ladies’ prison. Make no mistake though, the show can be grim. And sometimes, literally dim. Having said that, the parody humour slash dramatization makes it an interesting ride.


The Office is one of the most popular shows on Netflix and rightly so. Yes, it’s a bit dated and more than its fair share of cringe at times. But it’s comfort viewing. And in times like this, you need that.


Twisty, occasionally hammy and over the top, but never once not gripping and insanely addictive – Spartacus is an underrated gem. Watch in the order it is intended to be seen: begin with Blood and Sand. Then watch the prequel Gods of the Arena before you check out the final two seasons respectively – Vengeance, and War of the Damned.


A world away from the Archie comics so many of us grew up with, the show is nevertheless an interesting watch. A soap opera-ish mix of intrigue and heart, Riverdale has us hooked.


We can’t let you go without a stand up comedy recommendation, can we? This is one of Dave’s finest. It is uncomfortable viewing at times, but that’s the point. He makes you think. And re-think. And all the while, usually laughing your behind off.