Meat the cheese is not a new entrant or a place you haven’t heard of.  But if you still haven’t visited the restaurant and are skeptical to give it a go or not then let us make it easier for you.

As the name implies, it’s all about the fusion of meat, cheese and some extra cheese – it’s an ultimate dream for a cheese lover.

The restaurant can rightly be considered a pioneer of bringing in the idea of a cheese wheel to Pakistan. And not just that but different kinds of unprocessed cheese to the table.

We visited their new branch at Tipu Sultan, which we should mention was following all Covid SOP’s. Masks are mandatory and you can only keep them off when you are eating.

Their new branch is quite spacious and the ambiance is airy, with comfortable sitting arrangements. Each table is set at least a few feet away from the other, which is a fantastic plus point these days.

Coming to the food, we tried a few of their best items on the menu, recommended straight by the manager himself. Here’s our verdict.

Cheesy Mushroom Fries – 9/10

We cannot emphasize enough how drool-worthy these are. Simple cut fries drenched in mushroom cheddar sauce and to make them more worth our while they added raclette cheese on top, and the cheese added an extra oomph to it. Highly recommended.

The Animal Patty – 8/10

This is a big beef burger with minced beef patty and a cheese patty on top, served with creamed sweet potatoes and fries as sides. The beef patty is flavorful and the mozzarella and cheddar patty oozes out.  It has a rightly balanced flavor with a decent size, enough to make your stomach full. All the beef lovers should try this at least once to give their taste buds a hit.

Deep Fried Pride – 7/10

How does a chicken fried fillet surrounded by three different types of cheese sauce sound to you? Definitely sounded mouthwatering to us. Unfortunately, the disappointing aspect was that the chicken seemed over fried and there was no cheese pull on the sauce. But still it tasted pretty good. Just not what we had hoped for.

Bacon me Crazy – 9.5/10

This was a winner, all the way! A fried chicken stuffed with jalapenos, chilies and mozzarella cheese, coated with beef bacon, topped with a mushroom sauce with veggies and cream induced potatoes as sides (which are yum jbtw). This dish is an ideal a blend of spicy and creamy with different flavors bursting out on every bite. Enough to give you a food coma.

We also have to mention their drinks selection here. They have a variety of smoothies and tropical drinks. We tried the Rose Majito which tasted exactly like mint lemonade but with a tinge of rose essence. Refreshing. And also their Sunshine drink. A peach drink, with coconut – tasted quite similar to pina colada but the texture was lighter. Not really a standout.

On the whole, Meat the Cheese is definitely worth a try. If you want a good dine in experience with quality food and good value for money, head over right away. We approve! We also made a video that will make you drool, check it out and tell us in the comments section, which place do you want us to feature next?

Reviewed by Fatima Humayun