FYI Reviews – Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2021

Pantene Hum BCW always packs a punch and this year was no exception in terms of entertainment. The team is always dedicated in bringing out a whopper of a show. Today, however, we attempt to review the fashion, and fashion alone. And sadly, that left a great deal to be desired this year. Bridals don’t have to be boring! Our biggest gripe was how safe and staid most collections were. We missed a sense of creativity and whimsy which bridals should be all about nowadays. Read on for more of our thoughts. 


Alishba & Nabeel

An odd collection, with an even odder showstopper piece, with its Disney princess vibe and generally ill fit. 

Fahad Hussayn

The collection suffered from a lack of finesse, in fitting and cut.

Even some of the more aesthetically pleasing designs suffered from this general lack of finesse. 

Haris Shakeel

Safe. Boring. Nothing to see here.

Madiha Shoaib

One of the most unfortunate showstopping outfits – poor Sarah Ali Khan was practically drowning in this over volumed, dowdy, and excessively heavy piece.

Noman & Bhaiya

Here, we didn’t quite know what to comment on – the clothes, or the bizarre choice of accessory?


Ahson Shoaib

Been there, seen that. 

Faiza Rehman

This collection had some pleasantly interesting designs.

Including one of the better showstopping pieces from the entire three days. 


This in a nutshell, this outfit captures two of the worst things a bridal can be – overdone and ill fitting. 


It’s not a bad outfit by any means, but why play it so safe, when there is so much that can be done with red?

Umsha by Uzma Babur

This collection had some interesting designs, but more importantly, executed with a degree of finesse. 

This included one of the better showstopping pieces of the event as well.


Ali Xeeshan

This collection had some striking pieces.

Even if they were oddly styled at times.

Ayesha Usman

We appreciated the effort in at least trying to show something different, in terms of designs.

But it was not a cohesive collection.

Grand Couturiers

Two names stood out in an otherwise again, unfortunate sea of sameness. Nilofer Shahid, for her exquisite draping, theatrical and all.

And Rizwan Beyg for his exquisite work. 

Nisa Hussain

We liked the attempt to show something different in the form of this one piece gown. 

But the collection lacked cohesion on the whole.

Sable Vogue

We liked the experimentation with colours.

At least it felt like we were seeing a different collection and not more of the same. A little better edited edited, with less clutter next time though.

Zaha Couture

Lovely work, but we just don’t understand this obsession with over done volume. She is practically swimming in it. Memo to designers and brides – The woman should wear the outfit, not the other way round. 

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