EK JHOOTI LOVE STORY – Why can’t we have more of this locally?

Fatima Humayun wonders why content like this cannot be made for our own television.

Fatima Humayun wonders why more of this cannot be made for our own television.

While Zee 5’s Churails carried  tremendous buzz and was a massive conversation starter, its latest Pakistani offering. Eik Jhooti Love Story has not caught on the same way.

It’s a bit bizarre, frankly, because although drastically different from each other, both show the best of what Pakistani content can be.

If Churails was a breakthrough and edgy thriller, than EJLS is what a feel good, comfort viewing romcom should be.

EJLS depicts a normal regular lifestyle of a Pakistani family in a much deeper way, which involves day to day conversations with your parents, siblings, and your neighbors. It doesn’t have that melodramatic or overly exaggerated essence that most local dramas have, which is most refreshing.

The leads are absolutely wonderful. At first, the two wear a belligerent demeanor towards each other but as the veneer of what they each think they are looking for, wears off, they begin gravitating towards one another.  Both are obsessed with a guy and girl very different from their own worlds. Understanding that their genuine selves will never speak to the two, Sohail and Salma make fake profiles, however accidentally winding up with each other. The plot manages to depict how both of them start with utilizing this space just as a break from their real personalities, however their lives get inseparably connected to their deceiving ID’s, and how conditions and destiny really unite these two eventually.

Now, there is an inherent issue here of course. In today’s times when everyone is vocal about cyber-misuse, the web series is showcasing catfishing as a way to find your Mr. right which we all know is not so right.

However, it’s the series’ approach which makes all the difference. Moreover, the series also sheds light on the harsh reality of parents doing whatever it takes to find the right guy or girl for their children as it’s seen quite frequently that Salma’s mother is always asking around people for the perfect match for her daughters. Which says a lot about our society that getting your children married is considered the highest priority.

Ultimately, EJLS is a riveting and refreshing watch, which serves as a break from those hysterical saas bahu feuds. The story is slow at times, yes, and there should be more surprise elements but its adorable characters and easy direction really shines through.  

And that’s what we desperately need more of, on our own screens as well.