Different Types of Pakistani Moms – We Love You!

The Young at Heart, ‘friend’ Moms

The cool and chill Pakistani mom (it’s quite rare tbh) does exist! With whom you can share every little detail of your life. Including the ‘shhh/secret’ parts as well. But she’s so rare, she’s like a unicorn. Zyada tar logon ke bus tasawwur mein hi rehti hain.

The Emotional Blackmailer

Desi moms often perfect the art of emotional blackmailing. They can get anything done with their famous dialogue “jab mar jaongi na, tou saaray kaam khud kartay rehna” .

 The ‘I can make this at home for nothing’ Moms

“500 ka burger!!! Ye toh me ghar me 100 rupay ka bana deti”

The ‘Posh’ Moms

Some Pakistani moms are obsessed with getting everything branded and being all sophisticated at weddings and would give us those murderous looks if we ever act goofy in front of the guests.

The ‘Haye Mera Ladla Beta’ Moms 

Their sons can neeeever do any wrong! 

The ‘Ye kya wahiyat fashion Hai?!’ Moms

“Ye kia pehna hai, phati hui jeans, tumharay pass kapray nahi hain or aur dupatta kahan hai tumhara?!”

 The ‘same goes for makeup’ Moms

“Itna makeup thop ke university jar ahi ho ya party me? Aur ye red lipstick kyun lagai hai, utaro isay.”

The ones who blame everything on mobile phones

If you ever by mistake tell your mom that “Sar me dard hai” “mere kapray nahi milrahay” “ammi pani nahi araha” “mama corona k cases barh rahay hain” – you are likely to hear one response: “Aur karo phone use!”

The Bargaining Champs

It’s all about saving a buck wherever you can!

The Shopaholic moms

They can smell a sale a mile away!