Getting Late Every time

Brown parents always start getting ready 4-5 hours prior but still manage to reach the venue at the last hour.

Getting ready as if there’s no tomorrow

We’re looking at you, moms! With their fancy shmancy dresses and over the top make up skills, they will make you wonder if they are re-enacting their own wedding.

Critiquing everything

All brown parents become the best critics at weddings. It’s nearly impossible to impress them, the host  could have spent millions and they would still be commenting ‘decoration ziada achay ho saktay the.’

Criticizing the food but eating it anyway

You’ll get the worst food review from brown parents while over-eating that very food. Aisa kaisay?

Commenting on the bride 

Thora aur acha make up ho sakta tha’ ‘dekho kese moo khol kay has rahi hai’konsay designer ka dress hai, sasta sa hoga koi.’

Finding their children’s soulmate

Weddings are the ultimate source of finding the perfect match for one’s children, so next time if you see a parent gawking at you, you better know they are trying to pair you up with their son/daughter.

Brown parents while watching their daughters dance

Allow tou kar diya kissi tarha se but haw-hai se baaz nahi.

Everything has to be over the top extravagant

Brown parents will make sure that from food to decoration to the venue, everything is over the top and ‘perfect’ as if from a bollywood set,  otherwise you’ll never know it’s a brown wedding.