An Ode to Chupke Chupke – eik baar phir!

As Hum TV airs mega episodes of Chupke Chupke once again on popular demand, Mahvash Mirza, an ardent fan of the hit serial from the UK, writes about its appeal.

I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed a Sitcom as much as I enjoyed Chupke Chupke which was recently aired during the month of Ramadhan on HUM TV and directed by the very talented Danish Nawaz, and written by accomplished novelist Saima Akram Chaudhary.

It came at a time when we all needed a really good belly-laugh, but now that Chupke Chupke has left the screen (only to be back again on re-runs!), I can honestly say that there is a void in my life. You may think that I am utterly bonkers for such a confession, but if you haven’t been watching this thoroughly laugh-all-the-way Hum TV Drama, then you have seriously missed out on some epic banter.

Chupke Chupke had us all in stitches! Every character in the drama is as unique as any living ‘character’ we may have come across at some point, however, one would expect the hyperbolic nature of the characters to be more apparent as it is, after all, a situational comedy. From the youngest to the eldest, from the minor to the major characters, each is weaved into the storyline in a seamless fashion. This drama has a powerhouse of actors who, in my opinion, outperform themselves on so many levels.

It is no wonder that Chupke Chupke has reached ‘cult’ status, pretty much worldwide. Here in London, it became the post-iftar-post-prayers topic of discussion; many a WhatsApp messages were exchanged and many a Facebook status reflected the shenanigans of Chupke Chupke. It seems you are either a Chupkian, or not. I want official merchandise. I want a Feenu Tote bag!

Characters become caricatures in the sweetest and most comical way as the drama flows from one incident to another; there is always something happening, and there is not a single moment where one is left thinking ‘this is dragging now’. It is action packed from the very onset. I love the way the drama deals with the delicate intricacy of families and their underlying issues; it really is written from the heart and acted out with sheer excellence. I honestly think that Jane Austen would have been proud of our ‘desi’ Mr. Bennet & Elizabeth (Faazi and Meenu) and she would have certainly appreciated the character development, the stand Meenu took, Faazi’s buried attraction for Meenu, the grandmothers and their preposterous rivalry – all would have served as the perfect plot for a classic Jane Austen novel.

Indeed Chupke Chupke is steeped in cultural complexities – a beautiful display of the importance of family, family intricacies; it handles the inkling of domestic violence in a clear-cut manner and the character of Gul takes a firm stance when her brother shows signs of aggression – a signal to society that this sort of behavior is not acceptable.

From a characterization perspective we are presented with Faazi, a tall, somewhat moody, yet handsome ‘ustad’ caught up in between his dominating female centric world and is the complete antithesis of the fun-loving, full of life, innocent, heart of gold, cheeky yet naïve, Meenu. When they are both put in an unexpected situation, their reaction to this situation is simply hilarious! Osman Khalid Butt and Ayeza Khan both play the scene out with the such nuances that we, as an audience, both laugh and cry for them. Every single aspect of their interaction that follows this ‘unexpected’ scene leaves us either in stitches, or with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Furthermore, the hustle-bustle of both the Nawaab houses creates the back-drop for the perfect comedy of errors.

If you didn’t catch this drama first time round (what planet were you on?!), then you can catch the re-runs which are being aired in bumper episodes every Saturday at 8pm (Pakistan time) – ashke bey ashke! Us Londoners can also catch them every Saturday at a slightly later time (check your local network carrier for timings).

Mahvash Mirza is a UK based educator, Copywriter, Teacher of English and freelance writer.
You can follow her on @thestudyacademy on Instagram