A Netflix Show for Every Mood

FYI brings you just the right Netflix recommendations to get you covered for every mood of this winter season.

Schitt’s Creek – the ultimate comfort viewing

If you’re looking for a good binge-watch, impressive cast, and a sitcom to lift your mood up, we recommend you this show. It’s based on a millionaire family who lose all their money and are forced to live in a backwater small town that they happen to own. And the best part? There are six wonderful seasons to go through – the perfect binge-watch companion for you.

The Queen’s Gambitthe hot new show on the block

A period drama set in the 1960’s, the show is about an orphan girl, Beth, who develops an unusual interest in chess.  The writing is sharp, and acting excellent, which compensates for what initially feels like a somewhat slow pace. And the clothes and sets are stunning as well.

The Crown the ‘it’ show

The crown is not a new show but if you still haven’t watched it what are you doing with your life? Did we mention season 4 introduces the late Princess Diana as well? The mesmerizing peek into the British royal family will definitely keep you hooked to your screens. Fall in love with four glorious seasons of superb writing, acting and costumes and sets.

A Suitable Boy the literary darling

If you’re looking for a literary drama and that ethnic Indian old school vibe, we recommend the adaptation of Vikram Seth’s novel. The dialogues and inconsistent pace can be a bit too much at times but there’s o doubt that this is an enticing watch.

Emily in Paris the guilty pleasure

Yes, it’s silly and mindless, but  sometimes that’s exactly what you need. The show is about a girl whose luck does her favor and lands her into the exciting world of fashion in Paris, where she gets to work with amazing designers, meets the best of friends and also finds the love of her life. Watch it for the pretty clothes, pretty locales, and of course, pretty people.

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives the ‘you know it’s trash but you can’t help but watch’ show

If you love trash watching or are a little obsessed with Bollywood, this is the perfect show for you. Be warned though – it’s tack AF. But oddly addictive.