Yes, Gopi Bahu. You know the one.

If you’re utterly dumb and stupid

Being utterly dumb and stupid are the top listed traits of ‘gopi bahu’, when you do literally anything someone instructs you to, and your response is a tongue-tied nod – that’s first of the steps on your ‘gopi bahu’ journey.

If your life revolves around your susraal

In simple words when you don’t have a life of your own, your day starts with being your husband’s servant to your MIL’s chotu, but in your case the recruitment process is actually marriage. Ouch!

 If you are a subservient bahu

Having a meek personality with a saas like ‘Kokilaben’ equals to a subservient bahu, period!

 If you act like a robot

Gopi bahu was programmed to be a ‘bahu’ – she would only nod/blink, react to questions or commands with short phrases like ‘han jee’ jee maa jee’ etc and if you do that too, you’re one hell of a robot, oh we mean ‘gopi bahu’.

If you have no clue about gadgets

Do you actually go in utter wonderment to literally open the TV when someone asks you to turn it on? Just like when you’re told to clean the laptop, you actually start washing it? If yes, congratulations you are a qualified ‘gopi bahu’.

If you tolerate injustices

‘Gopi’ was often seen to be the target of her cousin’s and aunt’s injustices and atrocities, the worst part was she didn’t have the mental capacity to understand that she was being mistreated. If you are in the same boat, sadly you’re a ‘gopi bahu’ too.

 If you take the blame for everyone

As mentioned above if you are a programmed bahu, one of your duties is keeping the family intact whether that means taking the blame for anyone and suffering the consequences on their behalf.

 Saas chooses your kapray and jewellery  for every occasion

When you don’t have a say in what you want to wear for a particular event and, wearing something comfortable is off the charts  and your maa jee is there for your ‘rescue’ you should know that you are a ‘gopi bahu’  FOR SURE!