5 Ways to Stay Fit in Ramadan

As we go through changes in our eating habits and sleeping schedules, staying fit in Ramadan seems tough. But we’ve got just the tips for you to stay fit and fine!

Balance out your water quotient

This means being mindful of drinking the right amounts at Sehri and Iftar. The trick is to pace it out. When you get up for Sehri, have a glass of water before you start eating. Then after you finish, leave enough time for yourself to have one more glass of water. Remember,  don’t guzzle them down but can have them in peace. At Iftar, regardless of any other beverage you are having, make sure to finish your meal with a glass of water. Do NOT have water or other beverages in between your meal – it will only bloat you. During Iftar and Sehri, your aim should be to remain as hydrated as possible with regular intake of water, even if in small quantities.

Watch your Sugar

This doesn’t mean cutting sugar out of your diet altogether. Have that dessert, put a teaspoon or two in your tea. Again, the key is balance. Try cutting it down to minimal use during Monday to Friday. This means just a ea spoon in your tea, having the laal sharbat every other day instead of everyday, only picking one day for a dessert treat. This way, when the weekend comes along, you can indulge a little more with a few more cups of chai or laal sharbat and dessert.


Incorporate a daily routine of exercise. If you are not up to full work out, that’s absolutely fine. Do 20 minutes, even if ever other day. Set up a non equipment routine at home. Don’t forget, it’s all about stretching your body out and working those muscle movements. If you can’t get yourself up to a workout, try walking or biking daily.  Or mix it up and do all three. Set up a step goal or calorie burn goal for yourself as well if you want. The more you do physical exercise, the more your body will get used to it and thank you.

Check back on those Fried Items

We are not suggesting to avoid them altogether. We know that’s impossible. But you can watch how much of fried items you eat. At Iftar, instead of having 3 samosas and 5 pakoras, have a samosa and pakora each. Instead of a large bucket of fries, have a small. Go for 2 chicken wings, instead of 4.

Portion Control

Regardless of what you eat, watch your portion sizes. Eat everything on the table, just be careful of how much of everything you are eating. If your portion sizes are small, you are setting yourself up for a meal that you enjoy, but doesn’t leave you feeling like you are about to burst.