5 Things We Miss This Ramzan

With the holy month of Ramzan drawing to a close soon, we look back at the festivities we normally associate with the month – that we have dearly missed!


Street food is what made iftari a delightful gastronomic adventure – jalebi, samosay, pakoray, the very famous dahi ballay, not to forget the gol gappas. It’s true you can try all these things in your kitchen as most people have been doing but we can never seem to replicate the exact taste of street vendors or bakeries, or the spirit of outing it used to bring.


Catching up with friends and family over iftar/sehri parties is something we really took for granted. They were a chance to spend time with loved ones and there was a real sense of occasion about them, especially the Sehri plans, that we miss so much. Not to mention all those amazing buffets. Yum.


Another sense of occasion came from the joy of being able to offer Taraweeh in congregation in mosques.  With people rightly abstaining nowadays from doing so, that spiritual mass bonding is missing.


Shopping for Eid in Pakistan is a big thing. It isn’t just about the clothes or shoes or jewellery. It has always been about the experience of it all, especially on Chand Raat. Unfortunately, this year we have to refrain for this experience as well, as most retail outlets and malls are closed.


The pre sehri cricket tournaments were a big thing. Getting that sporting fix is something we are sure many are missing. The hype, the teams, the celebrations – all of it.