5 Makeup Tricks For Oily Skin

As summers have knocked us out with the scorching heat and tremendous sweating, it gets crazy difficult for girls to manage their makeup and to make it last longer in university, office or even at dine outs. FYI has come up with 5 simple but amazing makeup tricks that will minimize the oiliness of your skin as much as possible, and help your makeup stay put.

Mattifying Mask

Makeup covers most of our imperfections and marks but skincare is really essential too. Before you start your makeup put up a 5 minute mattifying mask, as this will help your skin to prepare for what’s to come.


A lot of people don’t even know the importance of a primer and few who do are very lazy to apply one. But let us tell you that it’s one of the basic steps towards your oil-free makeup which should never be skipped. If you have an oily skin go for silicone based primers, if you have dry or normal skin go for water based primers.

Face Powder

The most essential part in making your skin look fresh and matte is by applying the right face powder. Some are neutral shades and some come in many different shades which you can choose accordingly. We’d suggest always keep a handy face powder in your bag for touch ups so your makeup looks flawless.

Setting Spray

Some people don’t feel the need to apply setting sprays and later complain why does their makeup not last long. Yes, setting sprays are the answer for it. They make your makeup stay put for hours long and that too, oil free.

Blotting Paper

Last but not the least, blotting paper. They can be the best investment for a person with oily skin because patting your face with tissue might seem to work but it removes half of the makeup with it, but blotting paper on the other hand absorbs excessive oil and sweat and your makeup stays put. We’d suggest keeping a pack of blotting papers in your bag every time to keep your skin matte.