10 Lame things Pakistanis Say

“Beta airport 4 ghantay pehle pohonch jana otherwise you’ll miss your flight!”

Pakistanis are obsessed with reaching at the airport way earlier than the actual time. Desi moms will start packing your stuff a week before and will forcefully send you to the airport 4 hours earlier just for you to have to wait endlessly.

“Bus 5 min me pohonch raha hun…”

Pakistanis will never tell you their exact location and will keep telling you they’ll be there in 5 min even if they are still at home. Same goes for Pakistani girls who will tell you they’ll be ready in 5 min, SMH.

“Shadi hogayi?”

Desi aunties and their obsession with shadi is inevitable, as much as we like to dodge them in weddings and family gatherings to avoid his very question, they always somehow find us and ask ‘tumhara number kab araha hai’?

“Chal Poondi kartay hain.”

For those of you who don’t know what poondi is, it means ‘checking out’ and is the ultimate time pass for farigh bwoyz. And yes it’s a thing in Pakistan to sit at the corner of your street or in your university sirf poondi karnay kay liye.

“Yaar scene hogaya.”

The word ‘scene’ in Pakistan is the epitome of ‘a situation’ be it good or bad.

“Dastikar/ Chaitikar”

These two words mean to hurry up and with the right Lahori accent they become even more amusing.

“Topi nahi karana yaar!”

Who doesn’t fear their friends ditching them at the last moment? This word ‘topi’ is the exact reminder of ‘please don’t stand us up.’

“Sab ke sab corrupt hain…”

In Pakistan, every politician is apparently corrupt, and we will shout it from the rooftops! Never mind, any soul searching of our own…

“Kehna nahi chahiye magar…”

‘Tou phir mat kahein!’ – we feel like saying. True gossip queens reside in Pakistan and they are none other than our desi aunties and uncles who start their every sentence of back biting with ‘Kehna nahi chahiye magar..’

“Mein return kar doon da” / “Yahan sit karein.”

Basically, mixing up your Urdu and English in ridiculous ways.

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