The ‘shadi season’ is upon us, and FYI brings you a list of 10 annoying things that you all must have heard from those rishta-brigade aunties. Read on!

Height thodi choti/bari hai / Naak thori moti hai

Rishta aunties say the most pettiest and annoying things on this planet and nothing can be as annoying as this.

Larki thodi si moti hai thodi dieting start karday tou acha hai

Body-shaming is a thing rishta aunty, don’t you know?

Aapki beti kia kia leke ayegi jahez me?

Pakistani weddings make you penniless only because of such people who shamelessly ask for a number of luxurious items for their far from luxury providing son.

Shadi k baad job chordogi na beta?

They want an educated good looking bahu who will let her education go in vain just to serve her in-laws after marriage. *slow claps*

Larkay walon ko choti umar ki larki chahye

Why? Are they looking to adopt a child?

Thoda sa gora rang hota tou or acha hota

First of all, all skin tones are beautiful, let this in your brain, aunties.

Hamari bari bahu ne hamay Cartier ki watch gift ki thi

As if we don’t know these are only your tactics to indirectly ask for expensive gifts.

Larki ko kya kya kaam aata hai?

You’re not hiring a maid. 

Alag honay ka tou sochna bhi mat

FYI, its every women’s right to ask for a separate home after marriage.

    Shadi ke baad maikay mat jaati rehna

Who will tell them that our parents still remain our parents after shadi?

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